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Information about the Roberts Ridge retention pond.

              New Poly Benches added around retention pond!

2 benches added, one at northeast and one at the southwest corners

Most recent retention pond maintenance

Pond maintain August 2023.jpg

B & D Excavating has completed the  work in the east and west swales that run north and south,  and around the south side of the pond.  Grass seed has been planted but it will take some time before these areas are again covered with grass.  Thank you for your patience while this important work was being completed.  First picture below is the east swale.  The next one is the west swale, and the final photo is the redeigned drainage area with rocks.

From March 2021

Members of the neighborhood and board of directors met with a county extension agent on April 18 and again on May 12.  On the 18th the agent determined that the early algae bloom was caused by excessive nitrogen from a very early  grass treatment, coupled with lots of rain.   The board has made changes to how the common areas around the pond will be treated by the lawn company.  Other recommendations made by the extension agent who specializes in all types of ponds were:

1.  A "no-mow" area has been created around some of the perimeter of the pond.   He said the grass would not grow out of control because of the type of grass it is. This taller grass would help absorb fertilizer as it drains down the hill, allowing less into the pond where it can affect the algae growth.  Mowing to the to edge of the pond in several places allows for fishing access.

2.  There was an idea to plant bushes or shrubs in the areas of main drainage on the hillsides leading down to the pond to help eliminate the mud and to help prevent further erosion and to provide roots to help absorb some fertilizer chemicals before they get to the pond.  After taking soil samples on May 12,  the extension agent said the soil was mostly clay and gravel, and would not support the kind of plantings needed for this purpose.

3. Residents should not put grass clippings in the street where they end up in the storm sewer which leads directly to the retention pond.

The HOA board will continue researching these and other options.


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