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The land that Roberts Ridge now calls home was purchased by Robert Lahrman in the 1980s and was farmed by the Lahrman’s until 2012. In the late 1990s Tippecanoe County wanted to invite new companies to our county and to do this had to change the
underground tile to an open ditch. In order to get this accomplished, Tippecanoe County came to the Lahrman’s to request they donate ground for the ditch to the county, so they could open the ditch from State Road 52 to Concord Road. Then Tippecanoe County came back to the Lahrman’s requesting an easement for the sanitary sewer to be brought to the new companies (Nanshan and General Electric Aviation) to which the Lahrman’s agreed. When the sanitary sewer and storm drainage went in, this opened up the way for Roberts Ridge to be developed in the future. In 2011 Robert Lahrman started planning the development of the future Roberts Ridge Subdivision. In 2012 the construction of Roberts Ridge was started and has now become the beautiful subdivision we call home.

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