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Neighborhood Etiquette

Roberts Ridge is a quiet neighborhood where residents wave and visit with each other, walk for exercise and fellowship, or simply live and enjoy the comfortable environment.  The Board of Directors would like to offer some suggestions, to help ensure everyone lives together in harmony.  The goal is to show respect to everyone and have all residents live and be friendly to whatever level they are comfortable.

General Thoughts

If you have a concern with a neighbor, go directly to them and discuss your concern.  Don’t expect the Board of Directors to address your concern if you haven’t already discussed it with your neighbor.  (See process for complaints in the Bylaws, Article X.)

Roberts Ridge is fortunate to have a few common areas. (noted in green on the plat map under Location.)  These include the front entrance to the subdivision and the retention ponds.  If you walk the pond or fish there, remember the property owners in the area and respect their property.  There are three designated spots for access to the ponds (noted in orange on the same plat map).  Use those locations and not neighbors’ property.  Be sure to take home everything you brought, including trash. 

Maintain your property

From cutting the grass to pulling in your trash container, help keep your property looking good so the entire neighborhood remains looking attractive.  Please realize that grass clippings you discharge into the street will end up in the storm sewer which inflows into our pond, not the Wabash River.  Your homeowner dues take care of the common areas, do your part at home as well.

Introduce yourself to neighbors you don’t know.  Provide them with email address or phone number as you are comfortable.

Trash/Recycling Pickup

There are multiple trash/recycling companies providing services in Roberts Ridge.  Please make sure your trash is secured inside the bin- ideally inside trash bags.  (Recycling is not supposed to be placed inside plastic trash bags.)  All it takes is a big gust of wind to open a bin lid and if materials inside are not secure, they can end up all over the neighborhood.  If there is trash that gets spilled outside the bin during pickup, please make sure you pick up any spilled trash and secure in the bin for next time.  Remember you must store your trash/recycling bins out of view of all your neighbors- ideally in your garage.   Your neighbors thank you!


The most common complaint in neighborhoods is people not picking up after their dogs.  Be responsible, carry and use bags.  Be aware, many homeowners have cameras or watch dogs walk by.  If irresponsible, you may be embarrassed when your neighbor comes to visit with you or brings you back a “present".  Keep dogs on the sidewalks, streets or area between these.  Don’t walk or allow your dog to walk on neighbor’s yards. If your dog barks more than when someone approaches your yard, don’t leave them outside or unattended.  Many neighbors will enjoy seeing or hearing your dog, but no one wants to hear constant barking. Please be aware of how your barking dog(s) can disturb your neighbors.  Dogs should not roam.  They need to be on a leash or inside fenced yards.  This is for the safety of everyone, including your dog.    Please do not allow your cat to roam the neighborhood.  In addition to using neighbors' yards and flower beds as litter boxes, they are a danger to song birds and small mammals, as well as to themselves.


Mowing the lawn too early or late will not endear you with your neighbors.  Be considerate and wait until at least 8:00 am to begin and be done by 8 pm.

Sitting or playing outdoors on a nice evening can be enjoyable, but remember to tone it down by 10:00 pm.   Be sure you are quiet or move indoors so neighbors are not disturbed.


When you have guests over, ask them to park in your driveway or in front of your house.  If visitors must park elsewhere, be sure they do not block the driveways or mailboxes of your neighbors.  Street parking was never meant to be long term.  Vehicles left on the neighborhood streets for extended periods can be considered a hazard as the streets were not designed with permanent street parking in mind.  It's also considerate to not block sidewalks at your driveway so walkers don't have to move to the street.  Parking etiquette suggests cars park FACING the direction of travel based on the side of the street where they are parking.  Never allow people to park on lawns!

Neighborhood Watch

Roberts Ridge does not currently have a formal neighborhood watch program.  However, all residents should be aware of what is happening in the area.  Whether it is a coyote in the neighborhood, someone acting unusual, a strange car, or other situations, watch and act.  Either post to social media (Nextdoor is a commonly used app or the Roberts Ridge Facebook Page,) or call the Sheriff's Office.  

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