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Roberts Ridge HOA
Frequently Asked Questions


Planning an improvement to your home or lot?

Proposal plans (including a narrative description and a drawing) must be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee for review (which will automatically be copied to each of the Board of Directors) and subsequently approved by the Board of Directors prior to commencing any work. See the Declarations Section 6.2 for details.

Believe you've observed something that doesn't seem quite right?

Please utilize the procedures in the Bylaws Article X to communicate the issue.

What about use of the common areas?

See the Declarations Section 3.1 for details.

Do I need a license to fish in the pond?

The retention ponds are on private land so no fishing license is necessary.  The HOA recommends catch and release as the quality of the pond water is not tested for human consumption.  The HOA does not stock either pond.

Questions about pets?

See the Declarations Section 6.5 for details.

Have questions about structures of a temporary character such as a tent, trailer, commercial vehicle, camper, camper shell, or camping trailer?

See the Declarations Section 6.9 for details.

What about motor vehicle repair?

See the Declarations Section 6.10 for details.

Wondering what each homeowner is responsible for mowing?

See the Declarations Article VII Section 7.1 for details.  Essentially, it’s “all portions of your lot”.

Can I operate a business from my home?

See the Declarations Section 6.12 and 6.15 for details.

What if I think someone isn't taking care of their lawn?

See the Declarations Section 6.17 and 6.24 for details.

Have questions about semi-tractor trucks, trailers, boats, etc. parked in the neighborhood (other than when fully enclosed in a garage)?

See the Declarations Section 6.19 for details.

Can I have a pool, hot tub, or spa?

See the Declarations Section 6.2, 6.22, 6.30, and the First Supplemental Declaration Section 6.30 for details.

Do you have questions about drainage or utility easements?

See the Declarations Section 3.7 and 6.23 for details.

Can I add a fence to my backyard?

See the Declarations Section 6.2 and 6.31 and the First Supplemental Declaration Section 6.31 for details.

What if I find a conflict or contradiction in the governing documents?

Please note that the governing documents note this possibility and address it by designating the Declarations as the controlling document.  See the Bylaws Article XI Sections 2 and the Articles of Incorporation Article IX Section 9.12 for details.

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