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Solicitors in Roberts Ridge

Recently there have been several sales people going door to door in our subdivision.  As reported by several residents, some of them are a bit pushy and don't want to take no for an answer.  There have been requests to place a NO SOLICITING sign at the entrance to the subdivision as a deterrent.  Here are the facts:  Door to door soliciting IS ALLOWED in Tippecanoe County.  A sign stating otherwise is both incorrect and unenforceable.  We all want to be good neighbors but pushy sales people sometimes make that difficult.  You do have a couple of options.  1.  Don't answer the door.  2.  If you answer the door and the sales pitch begins, ask them for their county solicitation license.  If they say they don't have one or refuse to show you, tell them they are breaking the law and you will call the sheriff.  They will get the idea quickly.  


See this website for specifics on Tippecanoe County soliciting

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Grass clippings left in the street will eventually wash into the storm sewers and end up in the retention pond, negatively contributing to its health.



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